Grade 5 to grade 4

I dropped down to a grade 4 because now i need more landings and flight time. Bro you cant get rid of my grade 5.


What?? Can you explain better

Then, just do some patterns and long hauls and you’ll get back up there in no time!

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Just get some more flight time and landings

I have a similar experience, I have over 6500 hours of flight time, and 4 million XP, yet I’m still grade 3 because of the 90 day landing count. Just fly some more and you’ll be all good!

Landings and flight time are not affected - its just a change in the violation system.

You most likely have been knocked down because of the 90 day landing count. Can i see a screenie of your grade table.

😂😂😂😂😂 just think you’ve forfeited that to remove the inexperienced off the expert server

Hi there!

Our 20.1 update has a whole host of new features. These substantially increase the realism of the simulator. To ensure that our community understand how to fly online using them, we have increased our grade requirements. For G4/5, this also makes them more exclusive so you can have more pride in achieving them. Whilst you work up to reaching the grade you wish to achieve, head to our new user guide to learn all you can!