Grade 5 to 2?

Hi all.

I just took off from KSFO. Got distracted and crashed. I got no warnings for fast taxi, nor did I get above 250 below 10K feet. Just crashed. But, I got 3 violations??


How did you crash would be the question as if you nose dived you may have gotten a couple of acrobatic maneuver violations aswell as overspeed/250knts below 10K violations


While you were distracted and your plane was dropping out of the sky and crashing is when you picked up those violations.

Distracted flying = violations and crashing.

There is nothing here to help you on.


Always stay at your device through critical stages of flight no matter what.

Now that yo got 3 violations…you were degraded to grade 2. It is not pleasant, but just how it goes. Now all you gotta do is get your landing count 50% higher than your violation count.


Not sure you meant that buddy.

Hi,you don’t need warning,if you fly in Expert you should know that 35k is the maximum.

Same here.