Grade 5 Rules for Expert Server

We should all agree that we want to fly as realistically as possible. I come back to the fact that a grade 4 to 5 200 landings in the last 90 days will require a change. This rule should be adjusted. I do not know of any professional colleague who makes more than 2 landings a day, even on short distances. For medium-haul routes, it is usually one and for long distances a maximum of one. That there, we want to leave out vacation and illness, maximum 2 landings x 90 = 180 landings and never 200! We want to talk about the Expert Server, on which only pilots who already have professional experience and no longer have to practice T & G’s should fly, at least not on this Sever! For this there is the training server. On the Expert Server, a number of 150 landings in the last 90 days, depending on the route, is likely to be almost real.


The touch&goes you do to maintain your Grade 4 or 5 are not made to let you practice landings, they are made to show how often you fly. Grade 4 and 5 only give the advantage that they show that your are a dedicated user that is flying a lot in Infinite Flight (i know pepole that do 10-15 flights during the weekends


Doing 3 T&G’s a day takes literally less then 3 minutes. So


I would agree with you if Grade 5 would have in game advantage, but it doesn’t.


T and G are boring and more for the times when there was no global.
But I disagree, I think grade 5 is for kids who are completely addicted to the game and grade 4 is for the realism guys, so keep it this way please:) (So in my opinion you should be happier if you are grade 4 and not grade 5)

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This sums it up pretty well here. Want to only fly realistic long haul routes on the expert server? Go ahead. You might be stuck at grade 3-4, but so what? Spend everyday doing TnGs if you don’t like them just for a coloured name tag? At the end of the day, grade means nothing. It doesn’t measure your experience, it doesn’t measure your professionalism, or anything else. Plenty of grade 3s that I have seen behave way more realistically than grade 5s, who STILL say remaining in the pattern for EVERY takeoff. The rule doesn’t have to change in my opinion - it is a little annoying, but if you just don’t think about it too much, you can have just as much fun flying as a well experienced grade 3 pilot.

That being said, if you are so obsessed with getting that grade 5, really though, 3 landings a day isn’t going to take more than 5 minutes. Surely that won’t be too hard if you are determined enough.

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if you know how to fly then grade doesn’t matter, grade 3,4. and 5 all have access to expert so


Yes, T & G are very boring. I think so too. I think in 4 you meet more professionals and fewer kids.

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MaxSez: Interesting supposition. I agree but why single out Grade 5 their not a “Special Class”” on this T&G/landing count issue alone, we are all effected. One area that would help substantially resolve the landing count issue is the automatic daily system driven reduction of individual credited landings reflected on the tote board. Fail to fly daily and an automatic landing debit is effectuated by the system for your earned efforts. Bad Juju! FDS REMOVE THE EARNED AUTO LANDING COUNT DEDUCTION FROM THE “SYSTEM” FORTHWITH (please)! Just Sayin, Max

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I don’t agree that touch and go is boring. The best bit about flight is the take off and landing. Touch and go and flying the approach is the best bit. My longest flight is about an hour and then I come in for touch and goes. Long haul does not interest me.

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100% with you. There’s nothing boring about a touch and go, I’d argue the only boring part about the simulator is a long haul… nothing happens during 80%+ of the time.


How about:

  • a peachy coloured aircraft tag. Admit it: its beautiful 🏷
  • instant respect on the Casual Server
  • grade 3’s give way to you, almost automatically
  • you get to pushback first, the others just sit there in awe of you, pushing back
  • more and better friends
  • more christmas cards
  • I could go on…

Gotta count for something 😉

On a more serious note: good post @anon65945716. Something to think about,


You posted the same thing a few days ago.


Unless you’re me and don’t pay attention to grade when controlling 👀

Personally, I strongly believe that grade doesn’t reflect skill. As a grade 3, I try my best to be as realistic as possible. My landings could use improvement, yes, but I’d rate myself a better pilot than some grade 4s and 5s out there. Just my $0.02 🙃


A couple of days ago I was Grade 5.
On Monday I was Grade 4.
Since yesterday I’m Grade 3.

Have I lost any previous knowledge or experience? No.
Do I feel worthless? No.
Have I lost any friends? No.
Have I lost others’ respect? No.
Have I lost respect towards others? No.
Do I do anything differently today compared to when I was G5 or G4, only a few days ago? No.

Would landings count reduction have made a difference at all? No.

When I’ll have time I’ll work on landings. It’s not a priority.

As I’ve said in your other topic : grade number does not necessarily reflect actual knowledge or experience!

And to be fair, being demoted to G3 from G5 due to my landings count does not meet the G5/G4 requirements also does not reflect my dedication! I’ve had better and more important things to spend my time in Infinite Flight with…


Take the X-cub and do 10 min. daily of fast patterns work. Between 5-10 landings everyday to maintain the grade 5. Very easy!!

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Half agree with you and @Michael_O_Sullivan, the cruise is quite boring but you get a sense of achievement after youve touched down and i enjoy the approach mre after a long haul

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I totally agree with you, the only admiring thing about the Status of a Grade 5, is the Name „Grade 5“ that in no sense gives me any interest in becoming a Grade 5, if it happens, it happens. I personally are more interested in becoming a professional ATC member, which unfortunately keeps me struggling :(.

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