Grade 5 Requirements

Hi guys,

So I have been looking through other posts but I can’t find an answer to my question. For those of you who know, may I ask what is the ratio for violations and the amount of landings that is required for grade 5? I’m currently grade 3 and a few landings away from grade 4 and would like to see how far away I am from grade 5.

Thank you for your help!

To my knowledge, the Violation/Landing ratio should be less than 0.05.

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Sure! I’m slowly on my way 😂


Ouch, I’m on 0.15 now… I’m miles away then😂 Thanks!

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Make sure to utilize the search feature, as similar topics have been created in the past :)

Yup, answers have been found. Thanks for your help!

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They aren’t the requirements.

Oh my bad. Oops

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Best get doing touch & goes also! 750 landings needed 🙊

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