Grade 5 Requirements Mismatch?

Grade 5 requires 150.000 XP and 250 hours.
My average XP/Hr is around 1200.
That means I’ll reach 150K XP in 125 hours. Half the hours needed for Grade 5.
After 250 hours I’ve reached 300K XP. Twice the XP needed for Grade 5.

Isn’t this an odd mismatch or is it just me?

You shouldn’t be getting that much XP an hour. Do you do lots of touch and goes?


Sometimes. I guess my landings are just THAT good! ;)

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1200xp/hrs isn’t that much is it? When i fly “normal” and don’t touch & go all the time it generates approx 1k xp/hr.

I need only more landings!

Maybe you fly in places with a lot of wind thats why you get that much XP

Do some patterns with touch n goes and you’ll earn over 1k/hr. Just flying for 30 mins across the map and landing won’t get you 1k/hr.

Anyway, I see your point @Jan_Polet. I have everything for grade 5 except I need about 100 more hours!


MaxSez; What ? Please explain your reasoning.

I guess the flight hours requirement is high for grade 5 because it gives everyone something to aim for rather than lots of pilots being grade 5 too easily. I have like 170 hours to get there!

If you fly in areas with stronger winds you get more XP.!simples @Maxmustang

I think that’s fine, but maybe the argument would be to increase the XP requirement to match the hours. People who exploited the bug to hold throttle up outside of region boundaries could easily be over the hours requirement just by letting the plane fly on autopilot overnight for a few days.


Too much math for 11pm, sorry c:


Same here. I’m confused.


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