Grade 5 reached!

I always wanted to set myself big goals in my life and as far as Infinite Flight I always wanted to reach the best unfortunately I was stopped by 5 ghost on the game but today my 3rd Ghost retired so there are only 2 left and I am now Grade 5.

I’ve been playing Infinite Flight since its inception with the Super Decathlon and the shuttle, the moving water at SFO, no Global and since then the game has evolved tremendously and despite a long break 2 years ago I’m very happy to have resumed the game with the pro because I’ve had some great encounters.

Become a pilot is my biggest dream wich I hope will become a reality

I have reached Grade 5 ;


Below I would like to thank all the people who have been with me on Infinite Flight for a long time and that they are still with me I am extremely grateful to them for everything they have done, group flights, flashflight, …

@misterATOMIC @anon36354988 @IFFR-Martinnn @IFFR_SunZen @ChrisSimu @EvannL @GeoffGN @Zawax @anon71974898 @iZaK

I would also like to thank some of the STAFF for helping me with my VO and some of my counsellors for their help ;

@anon71974898 @Jon_H @mwe2187 @Brandon_K @KaiM @Jeremy351

Thanks to all of you for make what I’m on IF today !



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Thanks guy !

Congrats, that’s a huge achievement!

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Yeah very huge and so happy to have reached !

Thanks @Aero

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Really really happy for you men :)

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Congratulations dear and good job .
I remember when i reached grade 5 it’s big moment , but i said why stop here why i not be top of the list , so i continue flying and see what i have now .


Congratulations mate! Welcome to the club. Unfortunately like you I took a break from IF and have only just started back up but I’ll see you up there soon.

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Congrats 🎊 I’m very proud of you

Congratulations! Must be a lot of long hauls 🤣

I haven’t got 1/10 of your xp lmao

Wow! Congratulations hoping one day I may reach Grade 5 as well!

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Thanks to ;

@DVM_Saro , @iidvdii , @JamesQFA380 , , @FlightGT , @Capt.Kyle

For your kind words !

All the best for you


Daaaaaaamn, you did that. You finally reached this indredible milestone, I’m proud of you bro :p

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He has 1,861,784 xp lol ^^ , so it’s already reached.
Source : the picture he posted.

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Next step 2,000,000 XP and 2,000 landing

Well done!!! Such a remarkable show of effort and patience. Keep Climbing!!


c bien frère


congrats man!!!

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Thanks a lot mate ! @KQA03

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Thank youuuuuuuu !