Grade 5 pilot routine

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So happy to reach grade 5 after following the Infinite Flight for such a long time. At this moment, I wanted to check with all of the Grade 5 pilots if you have any tips on how to continue keeping this status, please feel free to comment down below.

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Your biggest thing to do is you need to keep your landing count high. Doing a few touch and goes each day will be one way to help you maintain grade 5


For me, I go to MMUN and there are a couple of airports near by to do continual T/Gs in a circuit. This will keep the landing high. My other thing is to find a low traffic ATC controlled airport and do patterns. The other way is to takeoff and do a T/G and then fly to your destination.

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To be honest to you, I dont know how still I am grade 5, but I try sometimes to do patterns or a little flight


Join IFATC and actively participate in IFATC training times.

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I’m no longer Grade 5, but to maintain Grade 5, fly at least once a day with 3-4 short flights or even patterns.


As long as you are flying a mix of shorter flights and or T&G and longer flights to keep flight hours up you will be fine.

Make sure you don’t fall into the Grade 5 Curse (getting set back to G3 with a level 1 violation)

I’ve been in and out of Grade 5 for a couple years now and it’s not that difficult to keep at that level.


Hi there,
I was grade 5 during COVID confinement! Down to a more down to earth grade 3 and just as happy (0 violations for a loooong time!)


What are the perks for such a grind ? Mostly, pain for our eyes .


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