Grade 5 or 3

I have a genuine question I’m out of the expert server until the 17th of this month and I think I meet the requirements for grade 5 I know that with the new update it got rid of the 90 day landings but I want to know will I go back to grade 3 or 5

There’s my stats for clarification


Taking a look at your stats, you currently have 6 Level 2/3 violations in the past year to date. The requirement for Grade 5 is to have a maximum of 2.

Therefore, once your oldest level 2 or level 3 violation from the past year expires you will regain Grade 3 as you will still be in excess of the maximum permitted level 2/3 violations for Grade 4 and 5.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

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No thanks for the info

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You were never going back to G5 anyways, there’s still a 90 day requirement (I think it’s 180). The 90 day requirement was removed for Grades 2 and 3 I believe.

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