Grade 5 Issue (kinda)

Hey IFC,

So here is my grading thing, if I am correct, I believe that my landing to violations ratio needs to be 0.0545 (5 more landings). Can someone tell me if this is incorrect since I have spent the last few weeks just concentrating on getting hundreds of landings to get up to the ratio and want to know if I’ll get it tomorrow (I do 8 landings per day).


according to my math, you need 11 more landings to have your ratio to be below 0.05

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11 more, I’ve done the maths many times and I didn’t get that but since I could still do 11 tomorrow I accept that. Thanks!

u should use the amount of violations and divide by the amount of landings

I did that so, 46 divided by 837 is 0.0545. Something like that, anyway all that matters is that I can reach grade 5 by tomorrow (willing to do up to 20 landings to get if when time restraints.

It is, and you need to be below .05, .055 is above .05

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This is pretty helpful

Man, you can get 50 landings just in 1 hour flying on Casual Server at EHAM. I suggest you to use TBM930 for Touch & Goes.

P.S. These squared runways are very convenient for T&G. You just have to do 90 degree turns instead of turning 180 degrees each time.


thanks all for letting me know but I already have my route chosen (KHHR to KLAX and vice versa in a Cessna Citation X) but I will check out the EHAM one, only problem is that I don’t trust flying around one airport because when I do like 10 landings at KORD it only registers 6 or 7.

Why do you keep saying 0.0545?

The ratio is 0.05…

Yes but I’m at 0.05, for me to get to grade 5 it needs to be 0.054… (I believe).

From where did you get that? 0.054 is higher than 0.05. You do realize that?

The specification on the server is equal to or less than 0.05. Not above :)

Ummm… I believe you put the decimal place in the wrong spot. What do I need to get to grade 5 (I thought it was 0.054 ratio because the 0.05 ratio that it says doesn’t appear to be correct).

No. When we type out 0.05 which we do in the grade table, that is what we mean. There’s no hidden numbers beyond that :)

Sorry, I read it wrong. I have a ratio of 0.05 (as shown above) but I’m not at grade 5, everything else is above the requirement (of course apart from violations, reports, etc). What would be going wrong?

You are probably above 0.05, but below 0.06. We only show two decimals.
You need to be at 0.0500000000 etc…

Oh ok right, thanks for telling me.

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42/830 = .0506

That’s more than .05

To use algebra for a sec, with 42 violations, you divide that by 0.05:


You need 840 landings to equal 0.05, 841 to be below.

This happened to me

Sorry, @Tim_B and all
I thought I had 46 violations instead of the of the actual 42 I have.