Grade 5 help

A little while ago I was descending into Brisbane via VNAV, and I forgot that I was doing that and proceeded to drop from grade 5 - 3 in a matter of minutes, waited till I got back to grade 4 but now it’s showing I need 0.05 to get to grade 5 even though I have 0.05?

Hi, if you divide 17/327, which is what you have, you get 0.051987… The table then rounds this to two decimals, showing that you have 0.05 and should be grade 5, but you in fact don’t. Don’t worry though, get 13 more landings and you should be grade 5 again, as 17/340 is 0.05 exactly, and 340-327 is 13 landings!


Alright thanks man much appreciated, ya I was super confused.

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Closed per OP request.