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so bassically I’ve recently reach grade 4 after sorting my vio/ landings out for a while I’ve had grade 4 in the past however this is the first time I’ve wanted to get to grade 5 could you help me with the vios to landing since this is all I need till I get there my ratio is 115/ 466 with it needing to be below 0.05



You basically just need to get a lot more landings, without receiving any further violations. Pattern work and a mix of long hauls are usually best for this.

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Basically, for every 100 landings you can only have 5 violations. Good luck!

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You need a total of 2300 landings with NO ADDITIONAL VIOLATIONS before you can hit that ratio.

Basically for every violation you have you need to have 20 landings. Violations x 20.


so once I reach 2500 landings ill be grade 5 or do i need 2500 on top of my 786 ?

Achieving the grade 4 and 5 is no small task, congrats with achieving grade 4. I concur with the comments above. If you focus on improving your airmenship, do more landings then the grade 5 will come eventually. For your case specifically, I would look at the types of violations you are incurring and focus on improving their causes to limit or eliminate the chances of incur future violations. Consider flying smaller aircraft like the 172 or 930. The smaller aircraft will help improve your skills and allow to make more landings in the same amount of time it takes to make one touch and go in larger jet or wide body.

Good luck,
Rob O


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