Grade 5 callsigns

Grade 5 callsigns can be lowercase letters and numbers and symbols?

No. Those types of callsigns are reserved for staff, moderators, and anyone who has been assigned a callsign by staff.

Custom callsigns were turned off well before global was released.

There are three reasons one can have a custom callsign.

  1. They got grandfathered in from when they were permitted
  2. They are a moderator or staff member
  3. They have been given one by a staff member

Nope. Same callsign rules apply.

IF wouldn’t risk any type of abuse from any player apart from those who didn’t change it or moderators.

oh you can ask staff help you change callsign?

Asking won’t really increase your chances 🙃

I wouldn’t ask them to be honest. There’s plenty of options in the Airlines Callsign options and if you use a custom Callsign it’s best to use Phonetic Characters. Instead of lower case that spell out sentences or names.


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