Grade 5 Callsigns

I’m curious as to who agrees with this idea.
People who are grade 5 work hard for that title. It’s recent introduction gave me a thought process.

At the moment, Custom Callsigns are pronounced: “Foxtrot Delta Sierra” rather than FDS. This was mostly introduced to avoid inappropriate Callsigns. I feel Grade 5 users are a little more respective toward the game, and I think they should have the privilege of having their Callsigns readout as the were intended. FDS001 not Foxtrot ect.


Valid idea with supporting argument! Although IFAO doesn’t run anymore so those FDSXXX callsigns are kinda dead…

Yes that was simply an example. My Callsign is
CP-Lachy. Which unfortunately takes about 10 seconds to read as; Charlie Papa Lima Alfa Charlie Hotel Yankee. I’d love CP-Lachy back.

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Although, would this be realistic? It would make sense to keep things like they are now and have actual airlines be read out, all others are read as GA callsigns

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Aha. Great thought, maybe we should et the choice via a setting! Because yes I do enjoy the formality myself.

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I love this idea but I’m grade 4 :/.

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What about KLM and UPS? I’d like those back!
Now it’s Kilo Lima Mike, which isn’t realistic at all.


That would be great :D

I´d love to have no limitations for making my letter callsign :)

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Then how come someone made heavy balls?

From back when that was still possible.

Oh, no wonder. I still report that person anyway


MaxSez: like the idea but grade 5 as the delimiter is fleeting. With the present violation system one can loose a 5 in the blink of an eye. I’ve lost my 5 a few time for inadvertent over speeds or a sperious lost of autopilot followed by a stall. There’s gotta be a better way. The return to a personal call system would be welcome.


The grading system is messed up my friend, playground is affected even more with people who honestly dont know how to use atc (grade 1.) I had grade 4 and it will take me a couple of months to reach grade 5.

MaxSez; @natzoo Good IF citizens follow the rule of law, flawed it may be! The currant “law” works and finally provides a structure that simple and ez’y to follow. A 5 takes time and effort. Don’t dispare you’ll get there with time, patience, proformence and effort. Go for it, good things come to those that work for it.


Yeah i agree @Maxmustang losing grade 5 is a bit too easy.

It would be nice if the speed violations could follow a 10 second or so “trend”, so you have to be speeding for a while to get busted.

I got a violation when a cheeky tailwind pushed me from 240 knots to 270, and back to 240 in about half a second.

Annoying doesn’t begin to describe it!

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Precisely, if a grade 5 were ghosted for a G5 Callsign, they could lose they’re Grade back to grade 3 for 3 days I think