Grade 5 blocking

I was atc at London City when a grade 5 in a md11F started taxing without permission trying to take off he aborted he rolled side to side he went to the other end of the runway on the grass. Trys to takeoff without permission again aborts again and a tbm is on final and another plane and he just starts using the runway as the parking gate with his cargo doors open and trying to stop that TBM and my professional in the game. He acted like he/she was a grade 1 who joined for the first time in expert or something. I can’t believe this is coming from a grade 5.

If there is anything here which is called hate on someone then please tell me cause I don’t want to hate on him I just want to be professional atc. So any mods or something can take this down if you feel there is any hate towards him because I don’t want a mad community. I want to keep it happy.

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If it was on Training server, nothing can be done.


My is the catagory live?

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I completely understand this! I have been ATC on training server for a very long time now and this is very common. I could assume maybe this Graded 5 was letting his friend play. Still this should not be happening on training server. Things like this should remain on casual. People think they can do stuff like this on training because they don’t receive any consequences but it makes a fun this frustrating!


Because this really isnt a photo sharing thread. You’re sharing a bad experience from Live.

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Things like this are an excellent example of why Grade doesn’t reflect skill, there are Grade 3’s who are far more knowledgeable than Grade 5’s. Avive Grade 3 it’s just a measure of free time.

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Over 200 violations and only around a half mil XP with over 500 TFH and barely 1.2K landings and probably at least one ghosting should have alerted you that is the type of pilot who likes to stay aloft as long as possible but troll on the ground until he gets airborne…a quick review and analysis of the stats can reveal a lot of info IMO…

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This is very sad, especially for a Grade 5, who really should know how to behave (I know, don’t tell me…)
As ATC on TS you can’t do anything, except try to work around guys like this.
But I do think it’s good to report this here. Moderators and/or staff can note this pilot’s details and decide to take action, or not.

Whilst it is understandable that mistakes will be made on the Training Server, I really don’t like this attitude of “There’s nothing we can do” when it comes to instances of blatant, inexcusable trolling such as the incident described above. The Training Server is a place for pilots and ATC to practice and develop knowledge and skills before moving to the Expert Server. Trolling activity has unfortunately transformed the Training Server into something more like a running joke than a place where people can learn and improve. Trolling activity should be tolerated on the Casual Server and nowhere else!

If you see someone on the Training Server who is obviously trolling and ruining the experience for others, document the incident and send a PM to a staff or mod with details of who was involved and photo/video evidence linking them to the offence.

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Perhaps this pilot has an inquisitive friend who borrowed a their device and was trying out infinite flight whilst destroying his friends hard reputation as a curteous player. It could have been the cat I suppose - seen that as an excuse for bad behaviour recently. I wonder if we ever find out.

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@EI-BRI Do you want to explain something?

Sir.I completely fail to apprehend why you’re behaving like this.

This conversation is best suited to be concluded in a PM since the user has been identified.