Grade 5 behaviour requirements proposal

In the light of recent behaviour of some of our Grade 5 pilots, I have the following feature proposal:

Apart from the flight hours, XP, ghosts and violation requirements, some additional ‘behaviour’ characteristics will be added to the requirements to become and stay a Grade 5:

  • you should not have received more than 2 ‘Please follow instructions’ per week
  • you should not have received more than 1 ‘Please follow instructions’ per flight
  • you should not have received more than 2 Reports from other Pilots, per flight
  • you should not have received more than 4 Reports from other Pilots, per month
  • you should not have received one taxi speed warning, per flight

Optional requirements, for your consideration:

  • you should not have received more than 2 ‘Give way’ instructions, per flight, because you should always give way, because you are leading by example
  • you should not have requested inbound at 10,000 ft AGL or higher
  • after a request for ‘departing straight out’ you should in fact depart straight out, as per your request
  • you do not request intersection departures when everybody else is taxiing nicely to the start of the runway
  • you do not request a pattern on a busy airport
  • you do not appear with a ‘heavy’ on a class D airport on a GA micro-spot

Obviously some of these apply to Expert server only.

Best flying wishes for 2017!

P.S. instead of taking this post extremely serious, please try and see the point I am trying to make…


But what if the pilot flies on TS1 and atc says it but most atc in there don’t know what they are doing so would it count or not

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great staff azeeuwnl 👍👏

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This is crazy! This would not ensure grade 5 pilots were good and leaves no room for mistakes


Please define ‘good’?

Probably that they wouldn’t do any bad things

What grade are you? Most of the problems I see are with grade 3 pilots and never grade 5.

You’re right, of course: most problems are with new and inexperienced pilots. This is to be expected.

My point is this:

Can you take a screenshot? I’m not going to log on to Facebook, thanks

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Maybe for a Grade 6? I’ve heard people wanting that.

Great post - in particular in combination with the post scriptum 🙂

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The point is that grades and hours doesnt define a pilot’s behaviour…i have been suggesting since long ago for a group for pilots like IFATC for ATC …you can only enter that group after a basic test or scrutiny so that you are held responsible for what you do in advanced while flying…like IFPL(Infinite Flight Pilot Liscense) or something of that sort…only pilots with that liscence can fly in advanced…i know its not an easy job recruiting pilots like in ATC…but surely it would be a practical and positive step


This is technically incorrect, because of the white/green rule which dictates who is supposed to wait and who isn’t. Anyways ATC may give this command well in advance, whether he was planning to stop or not. No.

How would this be measured? I don’t mind how people depart unless they request pattern.

Again, how would this be measured?

Sometimes, an intersection departure can help the controller out if it is say a GA aircraft

OK but how would you

Oh c**p


@azeeuwnl. Agree with most with most of your reservations except the “Intersection Departure Restriction”.
1). The Comm menus do not include an Intersection Departure request at this time. One is required. 2). Intersection Departures for light (GA) & Medium (Regional) aircraft should be permitted and encouraged at all times by ATC.
This procedure expedites flow and is a Safety of Flight consideration. (Never put a light/medium airframe behind one of those big fat wobbling blowers, its bad JuJu!). Max


I agree with you that grade 5 pilots have to give the example. It happens to see grade 5 pilots in TS1 having incorrect behavior, like landing in the opposite direction of the others aircrafts etc. I think that TS1 should in some way be included.

Elitism…Stop this or you’ll be playing with yourself.


I haven’t ever seen a pilot behave in any such way on the expert server. Maybe I’m just lucky but this sounds like firing a cannon at a house fly.

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I don’t think it is elitism. I like to be an ATC at TS1. I see that a lot of new pilots who do not know the ATC phraseology. This is normal. For example “line up and wait” is not intuitive but if you are a new pilot and you see another more experienced pilot perform the maneuver correctly there is more chance that you understand what this order means. But if you are a grade 5 pilot and you do whatever you want that’s not constructive.

Why would you fly on TS1 if you can fly on expert?

Guess @anon66442947 will never let me be Grade 5