Grade 5 behaviour requirements proposal

This leaves no room for mistakes, bad idea

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Because sometimes expert isn’t busy?


Loved the ‘Oh c**p’ part :-)

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Zero tolerance. No mistakes. It 'nice to fly relaxed…


I was at KPDX earlier today and got a taxi speed warning… ;-)

This is pilot life. Pretty hard ;-)

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Don’t agree on the “follow instructions” rule…

…Some ATCs use them in advance or when misunderstanding your action…


I agree with everything accept the reports bit. Some people report everyone for no reason so if that happened to someone who was grade 5 and then they lost there grade 5 which they spend ages on getting they would be very annoyed. And it’s a little unfair


Intersection departures for GA are okay. Intersection departures for a B788 in an attempt to cut in line in front of 7 pilots, not.

Regarding pattern work:

Pilots, please look at the world around you. If you’re on the ground at KSEA with 20 other pilots and there are 25 inbounds, you’re not going to be flying circuits.

And if you request pattern work and the tower tells you “no pattern work”, don’t request a second time, still “…remaining in the pattern”.

And once you’ve been given clearance “…unable pattern work”, don’t turn downwind and request touch and go. Especially if told twice again “no pattern work”.

You don’t see Cessnas flying circuits around Atlanta. Fly patterns at a less busy airport, especially if told not to 6 or 7 times at the busiest airport in the region.


@Tim_B… I believe you comprehend the English Language Tim. What don’t you understand about this sentence; “Intersection Departures for light (GA) & Medium (Regional) aircraft should be permitted and encouraged at all times by ATC.” As I recall a 747 is larger than a Reginal. What do you think? MaxSends

As should you. It wasn’t a contradiction of that statement. It was an assent to ATC allowing GA intersection departures.

Give way command should not be seen as something negative, it’s just a way of ensuring aircraft ground priority and avoiding collisions. It doesn’t matter your grade, you are not always aware of what’s around you - we have a much better view from the tower :-).


You are entitled to your opinion - but I could not disagree more. Regardless of traffic, heavy, light, medium, medium rare…no pattern work means - guess what - no pattern work… just spawn elsewhere and do your patterns.


What if ATC accidentally issued “please follow instructions”?

Malicious Reports are quite common.

The server has a strange tendency to issue taxi speed warning on the runways occasionally, might be fixed now, but that can potentially an issue.

Great, discourage clear communication between pilots and controllers, that’s going to help things.

And how am I supposed to land at EGE/ASE? I need to request above 10,000 feet

Once again, you’re dodging a mountain at airports like SXM/SBH/EGE/ASE even if you’re departing straight out of the airport’s airspace.

Why not? Any controller worth his/her salt can sequence the pilot in. It alleviates the massive conga line at the end of the runway.

Define “busy”, the controller has the right to reject a pattern request, it never hurts to ask.

Come on now, that’s just common sense.


Whatever change is made, I suggest we add ATC operations into the mix. You should have at least xxx ATC operations as a pilot (non unicom). A pilot can fly 200 hours with all the needed landings and never once contact ATC. So there is a risk that the first time they use ATC could be on expert server.

BTW…Well said @Danman.

A Grade 5 shouldn’t do too many mistakes.

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Their needs to be room for a couple mistakes. And @emil, please quit correcting almost every darn topic comment I’m making. Please do not be a know it all towards me. Thanks!

Crap is not swearing

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Of course there should be. But there shouldn’t be more than a few mistakes. Grade 5 should be the perfect pilot, of course there’s always space for mistakes, but not too many. Grade 5 should be for the best, the can make mistakes but not too many, that’s what G3/4 is for. Imo

I correct you because some of the stuff you say, needs to be corrected.

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