Grade 5 and over 1’000’000 XP

Just amazing ! I dit it…

I am prouve to be part of this adventure with each and every one of you.

Thanks again to Laura and Dan for the very informative Video conference.



Congrats!! I just got grade 5 and 1 million XP as well

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I’ve got over 2mil xp but never was active enough to get grade 5


got grade 5 last year and had it for awhile greatest achievement I have done and have 2 million XP pushing 3 Million and almost 5 thousand flight time but was inactive for awhile during the summer months and now currently grade 3 😂 and need a lot of landing to get back to grade 5

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Congratulations on the 1,000,000 Xp and getting to grade 5 what an amazing achievement 😃

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congrats! This is amazing!

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Thanks a lot and greetings from Switzerland

Don’t get discouraged ! Perseverance is the best method. Greetings from Switzerland


I’m not actively trying for grade 5, at least not right now. I am targeting grade 4 though!

Hello from Southern Oregon!

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