Grade 4

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a great weekend. So quick question, do all pilots who reached Grade 4 are marked in green as a mark or no? And how come Grade 5 isn’t?
Thanks for the help as always!


Yes grade 4 pilot are marked green and grade 5 pilots are marked gold grade 5 isn’t because it’s the step ahead of grade 4 more landings are required


More less a peach colour but yes, Grade 1-3 is white, Grade 4 is Green and Grade 5 is Peach


Gold ? ive never seen gold marks idk

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oh okay , got it

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White = Grades 1-3
Green = Grade 4
Nude/Creme = Grade 5
Purple = Mods
Blue = Developer

  • Flashing Orange = The pilot who is making ATC Contact the radios
  • Steady Orange = A Pilot having connection issues


Pink = Laura


the super super cool person

no offence to anyone else

Connection issue is orange white is just grade 1 2 3

Means they are tuned into the frequency white means they are about to put in a command I think

I found this photo, with our Grade 5 (gold) @ThomasR and the devs, Laura (pink) and Mark (blue)


Doesn’t red mean that that user was ghosted?

No. If someone is ghosted you dont see them lol


what do you mean mods or developer

Mods is short for Moderators, developers are the ones who develop the game.

I meant the red plane icon on the map.

Actually, it mean you guys are very close each other.

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Oh ok never knew that lol. Thanks!

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The colors on the mini map are your TCAS warnings, the + or - means how many flight levels they are away from you, if they are orange there is a safety issue and if they are red then you have a possible collision on your hands.

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