Grade 4 to Grade 2 and Ghosted (Resolved!)

Just got a pop-up whilst taking off from EGLL that I had been reported by a user and that I had been ghosted for 60 seconds. I can say that I did nothing wrong. There was no ATC so I was being courteous and holding short. There was a gap so I lined up on the runway and went for an immediate takeoff because there was traffic about 4-3NM (a safe-distance for me to go for immediate take-off) out and I wanted to maintain good spacing, and bam I got the ghost.

I don’t really want to wait 3 Days to re-access the expert server when I haven’t done any wrong as far as I am aware. I wouldn’t mind if it was an ATC ghost because they have been given powers to ghost and have had ATC training and had deemed my behaviour was worthy of such. I consider myself to be a fairly good pilot. I’ve had 5 violations in my 72 hour flight history and these were when I was a Grade 1 noob and broke the taxi speed or forgot to reduce throttle and overspeed.

Is there anything I can do about this?


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Shouldn’t this go to #live category? Support is only to report bugs as far I am aware.

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Thanks, moved it!

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Is there anyway I can request to dispute the ghost, considering it was a user ghost?

All ghosts last 7 days , not 3.


Well that’s my week plans gone then lol!

I’m not sure if you can do much… maybe conact a staff member?

I guess I’ll have to ride it out then :(

@Wisaam_Ahmed is one of the three persons who reported you and I’m sure he’ll be kind enough to explain why. :)

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It doesn’t seem nice getting acquainted in this manner. I was the pilot on final at EGLL runway 09L. I had reported my position twice before landing, once at left base and once on final. The moment that I decided to report you was when I was at a 2.5NM short final at RWY 09L. After seeing other pilots holding short of the runway you had still entered the RWY thinking you would be able to make an immediate takeoff.

It takes 3 persons report to ghost a user. So it wasn’t just me who believed that you entering the RWY at that moment was not the right decision. I’m not sure who else had reported you, but I believe it were the two other aircrafts holding short of the same RWY.

Also for your reference, I’m an ATC specialist on the expert server, which means I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting myself to get to this level, and my judgement was that you would still be on the RWY with me landing behind you or right through you. Which isn’t really the expert server material.

I apologise if you find this reply a bit too blunt, but this is me rectifying the situation for you.
Sorry you were ghosted, however, it takes 3 reports for that, so I wasn’t the only one with this decision, other expert pilots who reported also believed the same.


Well I always get ghosted and I’m Grade 1 And I follow taxi speed and all the stuff and I climbed to 10.000 Feet And BAM! They said Reported Max 250 Under 10.000 Feet

Thank you for clarifying.


I was right behind you and I don’t want to you to think it was me, you did absolutely nothing wrong.


Yes he did.


Thanks @Chatta290. I respect @Wisaam_Ahmed’s reasons for ghosting me, although I still think I left plenty of space for a safe distance between myself and his aircraft. However, I’ll have to learn next time then!

Can someone please confirm for me. Do ghosts last 7 days or 3 days. I can only see the option for three days on the grading info.

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They last for three days

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I hope so! :)

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Oh were you reported or ghosted? I thought only ATC can ghost

I was Reported by user not atc.

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I don’t know then, I guess you have to prepare for the worst 😔

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