Grade 4 promo flight!

** This was my last flight as a G3! Decided to fly between my two home airports in celebration! **

** TS1 AUS → DAL SWA B738**

Rotaté at sunset

Cruising at Dusk

Approaching DAL with DFW shining bright.

Pretending to be Ryanair on touchdown.


Congrats on grade 4!

That’s my favorite airport and photo!

Congrats on grade 4! I love the new taxiway lights. By the way does Ryanair actually only have hard landings or is it just a joke in the aviation world. I never flew them lol


Damn that’s a throwback topic I completely forgot I wrote lmao

Congrats to you on Grade 4 though! Somehow I’ve yet to get there since Global came out

And no, Ryanair has plenty of soft/average landings but they’ve given themselves that reputation somehow thanks to one or two viral videos so now whenever other airlines do it (which they do, a lot) it gets attributed to Ryanair. Somehow other airlines landing hard has the exact opposite effect on the meme than you might think and actually makes it MORE prevalent as opposed to making people stop and think that maybe things just…happen.

I may have thought about this a little bit lol

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You’re actually the google answer to the question 😂

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No way that’s actually awesome lmao

I’ve made it in life, it’s official

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When I saw that you put Ryanair I’m like, oh no! 😂
Good pics tho!

Congrats! Grade 5 when? 🤔

Congrats go KAUS!

However long it takes to get there naturally 😂

Congrats for your 4 grade !