Grade 4 Pilot Looking for a nice and Serious VA

Hello Guys!
I’m Henri I’m 18 and I’m a Grade 4 Pilot. I’m looking for a VA and be able to bring my experience to the next level!

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I would recommend looking in #live:va! You can find a lot of nice VAs there. However, if you want a serious VA hiring high grade pilots then I would go to British Airways Virtual or Delta Virtual. However, you can find many in the VA category.

Also, my VA (Aloha Virtual) is creating a professional division. We would love to have you! However, the choice is yours.

Also, you can contact VAs directly if you want to find out more details.

For reference, you are not compelled to join. Just pick the VA that suits you.

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Hey, you can check out but would recommend to view for a variety.

COO at Aloha

“Check” Not “Must join”

Best option;