Grade 4 issues

I’m currently grade 3. I met all the requirements for grade 4 except for the landings accumulated within 90 days requirement and the total landing count. Does it mean that if I don’t hit >100 landings within 90 days (currently it’s 98), I will forever remain in grade 3 even though my total landing count is >250?

Yes. You have to complete 100 landings every 90 days to be a grade 4. As the 90 days completes and you go to 91, the landings you achieved on day 1 will drop off so you have to keep your rolling tally up!


No. So the requirement is that you hit 100 landings in 90 days. So today let’s say you have 98 landings for the last 90 days, and you do 2 more landings you get a 100 and you get to grade 4. But it won’t stay that way forever, you have to keep doing landings everyday to maintain that 100. Main point is to filter out non active players, and reward the active players. More active you are the higher the grade you’ll be at.

So it’s like if I managed to do 100 landings within 90 days today. Then the next day that number would minus the landings I did on day 1? So if I did 2 landings on day 1 on day 91 I would go back to 98 and have to do 2 more landings to keep up with that score?


Yes, it’s just a question of maintaining the landing count

Yeah u gotta maintain 100+ landings in. 90 days or else you’re G3-

Go do some pattern work and u will be there soon

Correct buddy, we can goto PM if you want a more detailed response.

You have to get 250 landings in total.

Umm Mags, to reach Grade 4 you need 250 landings in total. The total for G5 is 750…

And 100 is for G3 😑

I should know since i need to get to 750 to reach G5 😊

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Confirm the rolling total of 750 landings in 90 days to maintain G5?

In 90 days it is 200 landings.

In total it is 750 for Grade 5.

Mind taking this to PM if you want to further discuss :)

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Roger, we are talking the rolling 90 day currency buddy. PM not required now we know the pages were confused haha

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The mayor issue is your total landing,you currently have 100 but for G4 you need 250,so you need 150 more.

I think at this point the OP knows what he has to do. Get his landing count up. High high up 🛫

No need to keep repeating what others have said :)

Yeah so conclude and eliminate confusion here, @anon91707592 You require:

  • a total 250 landings, lifetime currency.
  • a total 100 landings in the previous 90 days. This is a rolling currency which you will need to maintain.
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