Grade 4 is here!

The time has finally come

Welp, after doing lots of pattern work, and lots of flights, I am happy to say the road to GRADE 4 is coming to a close!

After seeing how close I was to grade 4, I put my mind towards making it to grade 4.

I did about 3 circuits of touch n’ go’s.
I then started the final corner to grade 4, today I just finished a big point to point flight! It went MUC-DEN-DXB-SFO-DEN-FCA, which completed the road to Grade 4!

I am so happy, this is an accomplishment. I started IF live back 2017, however I date back to like 2012-2013, but my first ever flight with live was on November 25th 2017!

Since then, I have flown for a countless number of hours (1,978hrs and 19mn), I have also achieved 1M XP, as well as made 413 landings total!

I now look forward to seeing myself as Grade 5, and today starts the journey!

If you haven’t seen my topic towards 1,000,000 XP I have linked it on the bottom!


Congrats! 👏


Great Job! It’s always a special moment when you make a grade. 🙌🏼

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Congratulations! We hope to see that Grade 5 soon!

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Congratulations, keep up the good work and hopefully, we’ll see grade 5! :)

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Congratulations! I must say that I loved that pic.

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Thank you!

It is a great feeling having reached a new grade!

Thank you, I am gonna start towards it!

Thank you, I will try my best!

Thank you! I find it to be one of the best photos I have ever taken!


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