Grade 4 ignores instructions from ATC training server

Today, I was doing ATC in KJFK, practicing for in the future, being part of IFATC and I found myself with a grade 4 that ignored the instructions i give


Sadly since it’s on training server, there’s not much you can do.


That’s why I report it in the forum


Reporting a user on the training server isn’t possible, bringing it to the IFC doesn’t get them reported either. The training server is a place to learn, just be happy they aren’t doing that on the expert server.


Yes, it’s annoying and a problem, but it’s the training server. There, you’re supposed to learn. Given that it’s a Grade 4, that makes it wrong, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

If it was grade 2 I understand it, but I think that a grade 4 would fail to give the example for the experience it has and even though it is in training, it has to help others learn how the rules work instead of making disorder, for that’s the casual server

high grade pilots with low flight hours who mainly cheated the game by jumping from a runway to another or doing very short flights to gain XP/landings very quickly,

some pilots fly for the sake of flying, some pilots fly for the sake of leveling up and progression, i have learned the hard way that a grade 4 doesn’t equal a good pilot,.

i remember the a380 grade 4 pilot who was cleared to land as number.2 but he was so fast he went past me from below straight to the runway although i was cleared to land number.1

thats happens a lot in the training server especially in busy airports like LAX, JFK or heathrow


Grades have nothing to do with experience or knowledge. It’s a matter of flying time. I’ve seen grade 2 pilots with more knowledge and professionalism than grade 5 pilots. Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do being on the training server. Keep training for IFATC and you’ll be able to control on expert where your voice can be heard.


I think maybe the grade system could do with reworking somehow so it reflects your knowledge and ability rather than how much time you have spare to fly, but I guess that’s off topic so I’ll stop here. ;)


Maybe he/she is grade 4 but their friends, siblings or partners can play the game. So grade shouldn’t be a part of judging people.

But i agree that there should be some restrictions. In my opinion, ATC must have ability to kick someome from the airport which has been controlled by himself/herself.

It means, for example i am managing EGLL and the suspect didn’t obey my rules at EGLL. I will record the screen and then i will have an option to kick the suspect. And the suspect cannot start the game from EGLL during 30 mins or 1 hour etc.

That is an idea, we can find different solutions. My point is, training server shouldn’t be a trolling area like casual.l server.

I’m a grade 5 and I like short flights. For me landings and challenging approaches are the parts of flying I enjoy the most.
You can not call it cheating.

But I agree, not all high grade pilots are good pilots. Those pilots are probably not in this community. And there is a reason you’ll find them on TS. They are not experts and don’t want to be experts.

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sorry i didn’t explained it better, maybe wrong choices of words,

what i meant is like a takeoff from the airport and landing at the other airport which is right next to it,.

watch out cause some of them do go to the expert sever, on the other hand i am staying in the TS server cause i know that i am still not good enough to be on expert,.

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Not all grade 4s take the sin seriously. They just fly long flights and nothing else.

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Grades are nothing but the accumulation and accrual of statistics. Jumping from one tier to the next does not make one more conscientiously knowledgeable. (I can name, but won’t, several pilots with near or surpassing 1 million XP who still request remaining in pattern every takeoff. Doing something wrong more doesn’t turn into correct because of a color change.)

That said, calling out individual members of the community is probably not the best tack to take. Redacting the name of the accused would be advisable.


There isn’t anything wrong with that either. That’s just like patternwork, which is fine.

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As already mentioned, there are high Grade pilots out there, who have little respect for controllers and do what they want.

I do believe there are cases where pilots on Training servers can be reported here, but you then need to demonstrate that this pilot was deliberately trying to destroy the fun for others. For example severe spamming, racing over the platform, doing patterns in the wrong direction against the traffic flow. Things like that, where we see people trying hard to ruin the fun for others could be reported here. And moderators or staff can decide to take action.

Not following instructions and not following the correct takeoff procedure, I’m afraid is business as usual on Training server, even for Grade 4s.

Keep controlling, do the best you can, and work around those who don’t follow instructions. See you on Expert! 😊

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i know but what i meant is some pilots do that to get a lot of landings in short period of time and get to grade 4/5,. while they only have like 200/300 flight hours! and a lot of violations, not taking ghosts into account,.

irl pilots need to get at least 1500 hours in hopes to get promoted to “Captain”

maybe we need something other than the grade system that can actually represent a pilot experience! like student pilot - private pilot - junior first officer - first officer - Captain - Senior captain etc,…

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Out of interest, what was the reason you cancelled their take off?

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Track in red and to have control, I was using track 22R for take off and 13L for landing
wanted to take the 36R interfering with those who landed on the 13L

I’m grade 4 and some times I just fly in an f22 at 1000kts on casual not all grade 4s have the same skill

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