Grade 4, finally!

Hey guys,
I have just recently unlocked Grade 4 with my first flight in 2019.

Have you got any special memories with unlocking a higher Grade (e.g. a special flight / aircraft / IF Version)?


I remember when I made Grade 4 a few weeks ago, and it made me want to get Grade 5!


Was grade 4 over summer, but since school has started, I have been moved back down to grade 3. Whatever though, I am still pilot I was back then!

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Congrats on making grade 4. Only recommendation is to fly by example and follow your controllers instructions to the letter. Iā€™m always puzzled when I see grade 4 or sometimes grade 5 sim pilots not following controller instructions or who are clueless with ATC procedures.

A good pilot is always learning!
Rob O


Got to grade 3 during my over night flight from DC to Dubai

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