Grade 4, Demoted to Grade 3. Live and Learn

I was inbound on GPS last night. KLAX RWY 25R and the ATC was giving me multiple commands that conflicted with each other and I was trying to comply. I had the ATC menu open and the maps open while trying to decent to 3,000 feet with autopilot at 220KTS and turning in every direction very quickly. I spent a minute trying to figure out why he had me going in the direct I gave up and came back to a screen with “Speed Violation”. I have 74 Hours of flight time and that was the first speed violation I ever received. I was pissed at myself for it, but oh well. It’ll take a few days and I’ll be back to Grade 4.

I learned just do your thing and listen to the ATC, don’t try to figure it out since you don’t know the entire story of the approach path. It ended up being a nice approach, despite earning the violation for not paying attention. I was in TS1.


If they annoy you don’t listen to them

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That is the first problem with TS1. Nobody listens. If I ignore ATC, on any server that doesn’t really help does it?


MaxSez: See the archived Topic “Return to Parking”!

I’m not going to turn it into a ATC issue thread. This one was on me.

I do like the “Return to Parking”. However, as stated before I’ve been told not to listen to ATC. So what good would that do lol


ok just curious. is there a place where I can view previous violations? I would love to see what the 17 I have actually are.

Sadly, you can’t see what caused the violation.

I assume a 3 day penalty? image

Future reference if ATC on TS1 is giving you conflicting demands just ignore them. They aren’t the trained ones and almost always don’t know what they are doing.

I have learned that from this experience. Thanks for your input

You need 75 hours for G4[quote=“Nick_Callum, post:1, topic:77489”]
I have 74 Hours of flight time

It’s not a big issue. Your still able to go on all servers. All your losing is the green tag. Make sure you monitor speed. You said you were on autopilot so you most likely were descending to fast. What was your VS?

KLAX 25R is an ILS not GPS approach btw.

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