Grade 4 Celebration on Expert Server @ EHAM - 091000ZAPR2019

EHAM-EIDW Boeing 737-900 KLM!

Hello lady’s and gentlemen, after 5 months of grinding XP and landings I have reached grade 4! I am delighted and therefore I am hosting an event. Hope you guys can make it🥳

Flight time: 1H30m
Aircraft: B737-900 KLM
time 0600z 9th April 2019

Flight brief:
4500kg of fuel, 164 pax and cargo at discretion.

Cruise Alt: FL340
Climb VS: 3000
Climb speeds: 195kts before FL100, 240kts before FL180, 300kts before FL280, mach 0.80 to cruise.

Decent profile:
At ETA to dest 28mins begin decent

Decent speed and VS:
To FL280 Mach 0.80 at VS -1000, To FL200 270kts VS-1000, to FL120 240kts VS-800.
Hold at FL120 till ETA to dest = 11 mins.

To FL080 VS-1000 at 240kts. Until ground speed and ALT at discretion.

Hope you can join. I will provide the FPL!

Gates at EHAM:
D16: @flying_dutchman1
D18: @JK_330
D22: @Mohamed1
D23: empty
D24: empty
D25: empty
D26: empty
D27: empty
D28: empty
D29: empty
D31: empty

More gates available if all are full
I will be leading!
See you there and thanks in advance for any congratulations given!


Please request a gate here

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Please fill out right Event format
Event Title @ ICAO - 090600ZAPR19

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Double check the title before posting. Who knows, someone might have already edited it. 😎 😉


Cheers guys. First event here! Any of you want a gate

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I can’t attend sorry.

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It’s tomorrow, so hadnt planned it and therefore I won’t be able to attend. But will keep an eye out for your next one.


Ok I’ll see when I can do it


Updated time!

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No you changed the Time of the Day.

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Yes I know

That’s what I wanted

See PM

Cheers @DeerCrusher sorry for the issues

D18 bossman

i am happy for you with the new grade
I just got grade 3
I qnt to join and therfore my grade if yes we can shake hands

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Roger it’s yours

Cool D16 for you

Would both of you mind me moving it forward a bit