Grade 4 but Grade 2?

Hi. I recently got to grade 4 and when I tried to log into the Expert server when this: appeared

So I went and checked my grade:

It said Grade 4. So I thought it just hadn’t caught up with the times. So I quit IF and relaunched it. Still said Grade 4. Then I went to regular troubleshooting. Log in and out of google account. Grade didn’t change. Restarted my iPad - didn’t change. Different wifi network - didn’t change the grade? Relaunched IF again and went on to Expert server. I loaded in - I was about to request pushback when the message came up again (see image No.1) I still have no success. Help would be very much appreciated any tips and advice. Thanks!

Device specs:
iPad Pro 12.9
iOS 10.3.2
Latest version of IF installed.


Try force stop your app and check your stats again. The status takes sometime to upload some informations 😊


Yeah - I guess I’ll give it a try. I just don’t want to restore the purchases again 😐

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Ok - I reinstalled. Grade 4. Still not accessible to Expert.

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Yeah just took some time. I did a flight on casual and my grade went to 2.

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Maybe your flight time was too low, and with your flight on casual it ticked over. You are barley over the threshold on flight time.

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I saw you on Expert about 4-5 hours ago flying a fighter under 10k at around 850 knots.

You disappeared then, not by my hand, but you’re sure your stats screenshot is up-to-date there?

If you escaped without several speed violations you’re a lucky guy.


You should try logging out of your live account and logging back in again

I had a similar problem. I was grade 2 at one point but it displayed at grade 1. I did what I said above and it worked. Hope this helps!

No speed violations, but I literally looked away for two seconds and then looked back and I had been reported once with 0 violations 🙊

No - I already tried that. It’s up to date now.

Reported by whom? Because, again, if you were reported by a controller, that’d be your answer.


I was reported. I knew that. But the problem was that it wasn’t updating the info. So no that wasn’t the answer.

Don’t patronize me with sarcastic italics. I’m the one that cut you the break in the first place.

It seemed you wanted to know why you couldn’t access the server. I guess I misread.


They weren’t sarcastic at all. At least they never meant to be anyways.

I think @Tim_B was just stating that you may have been reported or ghosted, banning you from the expert server for 7 days. He’s been the first to mention it in this thread and that may actually be why you cannot access the sever, which is what your op stated was the issue. It’ll drop you to a grade two for the duration of the ghost as I understand it. If you’re now saying your problem is not that you can’t access the expert server, but that your stats haven’t uploaded, kindly specify the topic clearly so that someone may better answer your question without being told that they aren’t helping your problem. If you were reported, that is in fact your issue.