Grade 4,5?

What do grade 4 and 5 exist for?


I believe it encourages you to do more flights, touch and goes, and may serve as an enjoyable challenge to maintain a grade :)


Grade 3 gives you access to Expert Server.
Grade 4 is the second most grade you can reach in Infinite Flight. It even changes your callsign and display name to green.
Grade 5 is the maximum possible grade you can reach in Infinite flight. It changes your callsign to a orangish shade.


They are for pilots who have acquired many hours and gained a lot of experience. They’re the ones who set positive examples to newer pilots in the sim. Requirements for Grades 4 and 5 are listed in the sim next to your grade.


I personally respect them more for their grade, and for some, their care to realism, as to be this grade, you need very little violations. Some are still idiots though 😂. I’m a Grade 4


I find the hardest challenge to maintain grade 5 is keeping up landings. Nothing else is an issue. I do significantly more long hauls than short hauls so my ratio of landings to hours is embarrassing. But I’m glad I made it up there, and I am committed to keeping that grade. My goals are now to get 5 landings and 2 hours every day.

I cant even dream about grade 4 or 5. I’m not even grade 2😭

As a rule of thumb, if you are determined to achieve something, sooner or later you will have it!

for me as Grade 5 its the challenge to have my 200 landings in 90day because i do a lot of long and ultra Longhauls. (today i finaly passed the 1,000,000, XP)


Well done. Good job👌

They’re supposed to be the ones who set positive examples. Unfortunately, many of those G3+ I see on TS are more troll than the G2s there.

G3 is pretty easy to get to and maintain so long as you’re not getting ghosted or too many violations, making it easy for ES access. G4 is harder to get and maintain, as it requires more than 1 landing per day on average. G5 is crazy difficult to get and maintain, requiring an average of over 2 landings per day, these guys are the most dedicated to IF. You also need the time and XP to maintain those G4+ of course, which is a lot more than the G3 requirements.

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See, I feel like the only difference between grade 3 and grade 5 is that the grade 5 gets more respect. I’m a grade 3 but I do everything realistic and fly like a grade 5. I just don’t have enough time to maintain or get grade 5 that’s all. So in my opinion for grade 3 and above just try to keep access to the expert server and be realistic :)

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It’s very simple:

With any subscription-based business model, you need things which keep your subscription base returning to the app month after month.

Obviously, the major chunk of that function is provided by the live servers and live ATC and flying all over the world, etc.

But, to promote consistent activity, you give the seubscrjotion base a goal which requires repetition to reach and continued activity to maintain.

This is most likely true of most users, but it isn’t necessarily deserved.

I promise the proportion of terrible pilots does not trend toward zero among the grade 5s and the portion of grade 3 pilots who are admirable and set a good example is not negligible by a long shot.

It’s all perception, and the perception is not skewed toward reality. I’ve seen probably just about every grade 3 through 5 pilot at one time or another as a controller, and I don’t even bother with the grade because as an indicator of whether the pilot will be skilled, courteous, and aware, grade is utterly useless.


What @Tim_B said is so true. I would say grade matters until you get to grade 3 then just maintain it or go up if you have time. The key word is realism. And remember, realism is the #1 thing on the EXPERT server. Happy landings and good luck you will do great :)

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