Grade 4/5 users

welp wasn’t the best joke :0


The idea of having a separate server sounds like a good idea. But when you think about the logistics of it, you would need way more ATC to run Expert and Expert+, and making another server with some kind of ‘test’ to enter, I just don’t see how it would all work out.

Geez. No need to be so serious.


I can see your praise, but praising a grade 4 for taking them a long time to get to that level, means giving them less time to reach the next grade? I think I like how I am as a grade 4 currently, no praise is really needed, it’s more just ‘how many hours will I waste at the hands of my device when I could be doing something constructive’

My number is currently 3,115.


Why? Just because they spend more time on the same. I am in complete disagreement with this.

We do have very talented IFATCs that are Grade 3. What happens to them🤔

The rest has been mentioned by other users. Byeee.


I just want to drop this in here quickly. @Highlander24 sadly you’re probably gonna receive a lot of backlash to this, don’t take it personally. The servers in honesty are fine as they are. Creating a new server is just more money and less people flying on the same servers 🤷


👆 Very true statement. You can either have the number of controllers working now on one server or split them in half over 2 servers. I do, though, see potential for there to be a system for less-experienced controllers who want to become IFATC to practice on with more compliant pilots.

Either way, I would think that most/all of the IFATC would move onto Expert+ leaving little/no controlling on the original expert server. Maybe a variation of this idea could come into effect when we start having more controllers than needed to fill the featured airports every day.

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This is the topic,

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@Highlander24… MaxSez: Toot, Toot Toot your own horn! Grades & XP have absolutely no Meaning! I would normally spent time castigating your arrogance at this point but the Forum Rules are sacrosanct.
G’day, Max

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I didn’t know about this forum until this year…

It takes a handful of long hauls to get G4, and G5 can be maintained with some patterns every 90 days.

Grades mean nothing, and since the release of global, are no longer symbols of any achievement.

No one should receive special treatment, or extra rewards simply because they have more time to waste.


@Jetcentric. MaxSez: Well Said! Kudo’s

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I don’t think we need this. I see a lot of grade 4s and some grade 5s who don’t take expert server seriously and get violations. I think we need a better grading system that more accurately represents a players skill.

I’m sorry mate but this bloody outrageous. This is just showing favouritism, this not good idea mate. I’m sorry.


How many votes does a user get?

That would take a lot of time. To get a new server up and to put the scenery in.

I don’t think that’s how it works? I know Staff can manipulate server size, creating a new server, I dont know. Putting scenery in is not that much of a job since it is all streamed.

I never thought of putting it that way, but I mean you’re not wrong.

It 100% doesn’t show skill, rather it shows (or at least it should show) experience. Even then there’s still fine-lines to that, and I’ll use myself as an example Since I can poke fun at myself

The excess time I’ve spent in the sim recently has raised me to grade 4, but that doesn’t mean I’ve somehow magically become better than when I was at grade 3. Since I usually spend my time in airliners, my experience in the app leans towards airliners not ga or military. I have rather slim experience or expertise flying ga aircraft, but there’s no way for someone to know that just by seeing that I’m grade 4. Now could I land the XCub? Yeah probably, but very poorly. Could I land the C172 with crosswinds? I’d prefer not to, but I’m sure I’d set it down after some bumps or go-arounds. Lack of ga flying skill aside, I do know how to interpret atc commands and fly respectfully - which at the end of the day is what matters the most.

What does that all mean? Well, there is so much more depth to each pilot. It’s not necessarily that grade doesn’t show skill, it’s that it specifically doesn’t show what the pilot is skilled at.

Just my thoughts about this.


This would be chaotic so I’m afraid it hasn’t got my vote,