Grade 3

Hi Laura I have a problem with the expert server, I post my problem in the community but all the staff only tell me “you have to waited 12 months” the problem is that I have 5 ghost but one of them was unfair because in a YouTube event all the users start to pass over my plane and the atc got confused and ghost me and then I won’t be able to play expert server PD: Sorry for my bad English I’m Mexican
I really enjoy play on expert because the users are Serious and its a better game experience, I’m grade 3 with 190 hours and 146 landings

Im a seriously player

Your ghosts are from the past 12 months. 5 is the max, therefore you will need to wait 12 months before they disappear.

Try to find that ATC report in your logbook and contact the ATC controller who ghosted you. If what you said is correct, you will get that ATC report removed.


The name of the atc its GHamsz and the report reason it’s not specified,
How I can contact him

Wooow i am checking my logbook and I only have 4 ghost

Try and DM him with that name. He should respond soon. IFATC’s are very good with fast responses

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How I can send a DM sorry foy my ignorance

Someone who know how I can send a DM

You currently are TL0 (Trust Level 0). To be able to PM somebody, you need to be TL1 (Trust Level 1/basic user). I will add you to a PM.

A mod might bump you up to TL1.


When was this ghosting that you are questioning? I can work with you on this.

Send @GHamsz a direct message. Click on his name, and press ‘Message’.

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