Grade 3

Thank you @Tim_B for adding that. I failed to mention that this should not be a long term type thing, I feel it is a better alternative to filing a 17 hour flight plan, setting autopilot overnight and landing in the morning. Which I hate. Plus it will help you learn how to hand fly and land correctly.


People can get their XP whichever way wets their whistle. Some people (cough Max cough) don’t necessarily wanna fly on Expert, which is fine. I just see about 1 or 2 threads a day about how to get to grade 3, and they’re all the same, except no one seems to mention that if the goal is to get to Expert, the typical answer leaves what to do once there out of the equation entirely.

But, if hauling people on garbage barges on Expert isn’t your thing, that’s fine too, Max :)


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