Grade 3

Good evening I have now passed the 40.404k mark for XP why am I still sat at Grade 2 can you please explain

I have 49hrs 57mn flight time. Landings 208 and online flight 268.

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If you look at your stats table you will see why. Can you share a copy?

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How many violations or ghostings do you currently have?

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I have Nil Ghostings and 9 violations in 7 days.

Shared 2 pics mate of my status.

You have had 9 violations in the past 7 days when you are allowed 3. The orange text is the stats you have not met.

Nil ghostings and 9 violations in 7 days

violations bud once those go away then you will be grade 3 whenever you see orange it means you haven’t accomplished it

Ahh right ok that explains it then thanks very much Chris.