Grade 3


I had just received Grade 3, what should I expect? How does ATC schedules work?


Many great things!
-More Professionalism from players/users
-ATC with certified IFATC members
-and much more!
To find out where ATC will be any day see this topic:

Have a great time on Expert server and see ya in the global skies!


Hey man!

Expert server is well, for experts. The schedules are changed weekly. Make sure you look out for pinned topics made by Tyler, which have the schedules posted for ATC daily (as @Daniel14 posted above). Although it is less crowded, you can assure yourself that the pilots are professional. The ATC have to go through rigorous tests to prove their capabilities, so ATC is also extremely professional.

Congrats and have fun!


Hey there! Congratulations and enjoy the big leagues. Peruse the thread below as there is some great info and comments from our great community members ;)


The ATC does it on their own time. To see where ATC will be controlling watch for the weekly post by Tyler Shelton.

If you have issues with anything or are unsure of what to do, check out this post to see what you can do next. About to hit grade 3! What now?

Make sure to follow rules, and fly safe! In case your unsure of any ATC commands just search it up on the forum or on youtube, there are tutorials everywhere!

Warm Regards,


Thanks for the info! Cya!

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Thank you for the info, see you too!

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The flight Category by Mark really covers Expert Server flying and what to expect on a day to day basis whilst conducting flights on the expert server.
Watch these, look at the rest of the tutorials on #tutorials and you should be fine, follow all ATC instructions and most of all, enjoy the Expert Server Sky’s!
Warm regards,


Welcome to Grade 3! Simply put: You got the Expert Server. It’s a very peaceful place compared to the chaos of the training server and casual servers. But please be sure to follow ATC instructions if you want to stay in it.


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I’ll be extra cautious, haha! See you in the skies!


Congratulations on becoming one of the pilots on the expert server! I know that is not the easiest accomplishments! We all look forward to seeing you in the Expert Server skies sometime! Enjoy the Expert Server! Any questions? Feel free to PM me! :)

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Thanks! I’ll be sure to message you if I have questions.

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Your so welcome! Glad to help!

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Welcome aboard sir! FOLLOW ATC INSTRUCTIONS! Thats all I have to say. Enjoy 😉


You can expect more professionalism from ATC and pilots. Be sure to follow ATC, no sweat.

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@Plane_Masta. MaxSez: See The archived Topic “Unable is a Magic Word” l
Use the term with discretion and appropriately , Remember the Pilot is the decision marker!


Hi, you recieve the following:

-Expert Server Access

-More proffesional members

  • Highly trained IFATC

Here is there schedueles: Expert Server ATC Schedule • 27Nov-3Dec 17

What you can expect is the full professionalism as everyone who plays the game in expert

Tip : If atc gives you a command , make sure to always acknowledge , have fun, and they will give you a warm welcome

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