Grade 3

There is going to be an event in the expert server soon. I’m a grade 2 with all requirements expert for the XP which I have 8,000. Any tips on how I can get to 40,000 faster so I can make it in time for the event?

Do a lot of T&Gs. I mean a LOT. Maybe over 1000. Goodluck :)


Thank you I really want to make it to this event

Check this out:

It is answered in here. There are numerous ways.

Go to an airport with little to no traffic in a GA aircraft and do nothing but touch and goes and you should make a lot of XP but I will warn you … getting from 8,000 to 40,000 doing nothing but touch and goes will really test your patience lol best of luck to you !

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And according to Laura you get more XP is you do your touch and goes in a place with high winds

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