Grade 3 vs Grade 2

I just got upgraded to grade 3 in the simulator. I’m not quite sure what difference is between this server and the casual and training server is. Same amount of ATC and everything. Another thing is it says there is no access to ATC on Expert server so I’m curious who’s on ATC? Thanks


Training server haves a lot of pilots that are flyin with no clue what they are doing. Also with ATC. In the training server you have ATC controllers that are controlling with no clue what they are doing. Like pilots going in a 737-800 at the cruise altitude mach 0.84!!!..

In expert server you have mostly a lot of pilots that are realy realistic. They are following the airborne rules etc. Also all ATC controllers in expert are doing a education to become a controller. With 2 exams in it. So you never have to worrie that the ATC controller is doing wrong or weird things, and pilots are mostly realy realistic

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So does this mean I won’t have JFK tower sending me on on guard warning when I’m 10 nautical west of of EWR at 15000 telling I’m in their airspace when my altitude isn’t even in their airspace lol


Yes, unfortunately some individuals do not behave as they should on the expert server. But you can be sure the ATC will definitely know what they’re doing as they go through theory and practical tests to control on the expert server.

Haha yeah. All ATC controllers knows when what to do.

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Grade 3 is my favourite, but the ATC have a report of other aircrafts, or AFK After put vnav i will you have violations, But ATC Expert controller is harder because of ATIS.

That is true. When you fly on expert server and there is ATC, and you don’t follow the rules you will get a violation. A level 2/3 violation

Yeah, i tell atc on yesterday it was a nice

Yeah, I’d very strongly recommend reading the flying guide and having a look at other flying/atc related guides in the user guide section before you fly in the expert server. All you need to do is understand ATC instructions and then follow them.


What an accurate depiction of the expert server. Mostly.

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Casual server:
No Atc 🛖
No rules, freedom 🗽
Amateur players 🛴

Training server:
Non-educated Atc, training Atc 🏗
No strict rules, some rules🗼
Semi-pro players 🛵

Expert server:
Well educated Atc🏦🏭
Strict rules, respect and chasing ⛪️🕌🛕🕍⛩️🕋🚔🚓
Pro players 🚘🚙🛻🚚🚛🚎🚌🚕🚗🚖🚍


So many emojis 🤯


That was me the other day when I had to go out somewhere in a hurry

The pragmatic basic distillation in my mind (what I need to do, rather than what others are doing): grade 3 gives you access to all servers.

Casual: off runway and over speed - no penalty.

Training: be on the runway when above taxi speed, watch max speeds in flight carefully, respect ATC though they’re training and can’t penalize you.

Expert: be on the runway when above taxi speeds, watch max flight speeds, follow instructions or you risk being reported

bruh, If I need to hurry I just don’t fly lol

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