Grade 3 Violation

It was fun while it lasted
Bye Expert server
And infinite flight for a year
I’m just a lil annoyed


Hey, Lucas!

I’m sorry to hear (see, rather) that you were reported and no longer have access to the Expert Server.

If you feel that this violation was unjust, consider messaging @Kamryn—the controller who reported you—or message @appeals. Please note that you will have to provide your replay for the latter.

On a separate note, it may be in your best interest to review the User Guide.

Once again, I’m sorry that you were reported, but take this as a learning experience.

Happy flying! ✈️


Further, you can click here for a templated message to the appeals team

I was diverting and I tried to tell Las Vegas Approach that I was executing a missed approach, and was about to request either a diversion, or head back to Burbank…
I went around 2 times, one because of traffic on runway, and the other because I didn’t like the approach so much.

Ok thank you sm 👍🏻

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when you say:

is you subscription over?

Well yeah, I think I’ll wait till I get grade 3 back tbh, I really like flying on the expert server, and I’ve never gotten a grade 3 or 2 violation ever so it’s a little upsetting, but I know that something on my end was wrong.

All good dude. Mistakes happen. The best thing you can do is learn from the situation by contacting the controller via PM and discussing it with him to check out what happened.

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Yes, I accept what I did wrong, and I’ll learn from it. I think I would like to contact the person. And what’s PM?

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Pm stands for a personal message. So you would click the tag that Z-Tube posted above and click ‘message’.

Ahh ok thanks man 👍🏻

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This is painful. I can feel what you feel. It was banned for a whole year from 21/02 to 22/02. I was hoping to ask God to end the year quickly, and thank God I returned to the expert server.
I hope you recover soon from this shock.

Given resources to proceed further