Grade-3 To Grade-2

Hey everybody To was mess up started flying, at the end of my the system drop me back Grade 2.
What makes this so bad is I been at Grade 3 way before Global came out and was there until today is there something wrong with server our has anything else changed. Can somebody tell what’s going on


Look at the grade table and it will show you why you dropped. You either recieved violations or were reported.


Ok I see what you are talking about now, it said I have 3 violations Chris. How long will violations stay on an will I go back to Grade 3?

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Look at the line it is on. It will say 3 days or 7 days.

Ok I got hit for 7 days, I have one more thing to ask you Chris, I have 97,486 XP, 123.01 Flight Time, 958 Online Flights, 251 Landings this was at Grade 3 before violations an it’s been that way for a few months I should have been a Grade 4 I think or am I wrong HELP😊😎

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Your flight table will show you what is lacking to reach grade 4. Anything in orange means it has not been met. There are requirements on number of landings in the past 90 days so you have to keep flying and landing on a regular basis.

Ok i see it Chris thanks for your help man sorry for losing my cool

No problem. Also go easy with the emojis…


Ok Chris I hear you man