Grade 3 to grade 1

I was at grade 3 then it pushed me to grade 1 i had no violations

Hello there @Aviation25
The same thing happened to me at some point. Turns out the reason it dropped was because I was not active on IF for about 4-5 months September-February. If you continue to fly you will get back to grade 3 in no time.


You probably don’t meet the 90 day landing or flight time requirements for Grade 3. You can check this through your grade table (these are the Grade 4 requirements, but they will look similar on your end).


I met all the requirements i didnt had any violation the i just pushed me to grade 1

Could you send a picture of your grade table?

That’s why

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From what I can see of your account on my end, you only have 3 landings in 90 days. Grade 2 requires 5 in 90, and Grade 3 requires 15. Drop in 12 more landings and you’re good.


How do i copy my grade table i have an android

No need anymore, just do what @ToasterStroodie said.

Total Flight Time and Total Landings numbers should not have changed. As long as that is true, your experience is preserved. And you can return to your grade level without too much effort.

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