Grade 3 to grade 1

i have stayed atleast 8-10months without subscribing to infinite flight… so yesterday i decided to subscribe but i was amazed to find out that i was in grade 1 and the last time i subscribed i was in grade 3 anyone who can help me understand the logic in this please


You have to stay consistent with landings. On the grade table, there is a landings past 90 days section, if you don’t get the specified amount of landings, your grade level will drop. This is made to make sure players who haven’t played in a while don’t stay at high grades, you need to work to keep your grade level.


Like @Pilot_Felix said, you need to make the landing requirements over the 90 day period. We are glad you’re back. Do a few flights and I’m sure we will see you back on the expert server soon.

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It has to happen as the others said above, I went from grade 5 to grade 1 (but in 6 days I was back on grade 5)

I really feel that you should be able to maintain your landings with flights in solo mode - it feels unfair that if you cannot afford to maintain your subscription you lose all the work you put in to getting a grade

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you don’t lose all the progress, only flight time and landings in the last 90 days, which is easy to do (grade 5 requires 70 hours and 180 landings of those, with hard work you can do it in 1-2 weeks)

yea like @Infinite2674 said, I recommend doing touch and goes a lot on casual server, and you should be back in no time.

Well it isn’t exactly easy to do - I’m grade 5, and if I couldn’t afford my subscription for 90 days I wouldn’t want to have to farm however many landings it is in six days to get my grade back

then that’s your choice, but it can be done

For grade 3, the 90 day requirements are 10 hours of flight time and 15 landings. Shouldn’t be too much to ask of someone, if you ask me.

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Not to mention but there also is the 90 day flight time you need to maintain so don’t just go onto casual and grind touch & goes rather fly how you’re supposed to around.

The thing is you don’t need to stay at Grade 5 - there is literally no difference between Grade 3 and 5. Grade 5 is especially for pilots who can fly everyday.

exactly, 1 flight while you sleep and 10 minutes of landing framing and done

Obviously I know it can be done, I just don’t see how that method of farming landings is more productive than allowing landings in solo mode to count

During that period I didn’t play IF at all and many people do the same

the problem is that i have lost all… my flight hours, my XP it feels like am new to IF so what is the problem because i believe the only data that should be lost is only the landing if am not wrong

bro but i have lost all my data… XP and flight time which … the total landing … what can i do

Contact a moderator if all of your data has reset to 0.

Do you still remember the credentials of your old account? If so, Seb (IF support) can help you transfer your new subscription to your old account.


You never lost anything. You didn’t sign into your account before making the subscription purchase however :)

I took the liberty of looking into this a bit closer and found two accounts that related to your purchases. One being linked with a Google account that’s been used by you in the past, and the other being with the subscription you recently purchased linked to your IFC account.

I have now transferred all the data from your old account, to the new one. So it’s all there now :)