grade 3 to grade 1

hi, i worked my way up to grade 3, now they put me back at grade 1
can someone help with that because i don’t understand
i mean someone with a grade1 cannot have 422h30 mn flight XP 260,993

Might want to have a look here:

The same thing happened to me I get frustrated but eventually after a day you get back to level 2 and then after a week you get up to 3 again

i was at level 2 now i am at level 1, ok i ll wait until next week and see if it changes meanwhile i ll keep playing
thank you!

Hey, could you send your grade table here please? We could figure out what happened.

See that Violations (7 Days) row? That’s where It’s restricting you to be a Grade 3 Pilot, you Need to await those violations to go away. After that certain period, you’ll be grade 3 again! :)

do you know how long ?

You will have to wait a week for those violations to roll off, then do a quick flight on Casual so the grade table resets itself (so you’re Grade 3).

Meanwhile, practice on Training Server so you won’t hopefully end up in this situation again.

Happy Landings!

thank you for your help !

You’re welcome.

A moderator can close this now, problem is solved.