Grade 3 to Grade 1 Overnight?

Hello All! Yesterday I flew on infinite flight as grade 3. Today however I logged in and was at grade 1. Yesterday flight went smoothly I flew from Cheddi Jagan to Port of Spain where there were no ATC etc. So what happened? How did I move from 3 to 1 overnight?

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Did you get any violations during your flight?!?

Can you send a screenshot of your grade table please?

Can we see your grade table?

Three Words: Watch your Airspeed. I think you may have gained a few violations during your cruise.


Overspeed at 35k would do that?

What was your Mach Number?

I dont know how to show my grade table.

Any overspending will cause you to rack up violations rather quickly, regardless of altitude.

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Top right corner:

Click there.

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Yeah. You racked up 6 violations during that flight (probably overspeed)

After those 6 violations happened, you where “system ghosted” for getting too many violations (Saves you).

Hope to see you back on the Expert Server in 7 Days!!


There you see it, 6 on the violation count. It’s always beneficial to your grade if you watch your flight parameters. Don’t go too close to the Overspeed red thing on the speed.

You got six violations. The maximum number of violations within one day is five. You probably went too fast.

Oh shucks! I really didnt know overspeed affected me so negatively. I would be more careful when I return to 3.


Thanks guys for the assistancr