Grade 3 to 2

Hey there

Today I was flying grade 3, (last week I was down grade to grade 2 on Monday) today when I install the update it shows me in grade 3 and did 2 long flight right know I finish and it put me in grade 2 again so want to know what happen and if to someone has happen the same.

Thank you

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Please try doing a short flight on any server (at least a few minutes long) and restarting.

Let us know if that works please.

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No need to repeat what I have already said above, thanks. I appreciate you’re trying to help but this can confuse the user.


So I need to do a short flight?

Yes, that is correct. Let us know if it works.

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This happens to me I got a level 3 violation but some how still is grade 3

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Please try the above.

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Yeah it work, thank you all for your support.


Glad the issue has been resolved. Have a good day!