Grade 3 to 1

Hello guys,
About 3 days ago I was in a session on the expert server. I set the autopilot and walked away,when I came back the overspeed warning was going off but I wasnt overspeeding. I brought the speed from 340kts down to 300kts but warning just kept going off endlessly. I cancelled the flight and left the session only to come to find out I went from a grade 3 to a grade 1 for what it appears to be an overspeeding glitch. Can someone please look into this?


I believe this is a known glitch.

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340 kts is very fast and also note as you climb, the maximum airspeed of an aircraft reduces. Mach 0.84 at FL300 is 300kts airspeed which is higher than the max speed of a 737 while at a lower altitude say 15000ft, it is Mach 0.69(around there) In short, the maximum operating speed drops as you climb

A piece of advise is to monitor your flight parameters(speed, altitude, vertical speed) till you reach cruise.
Also, never let your airspeed touch the red tape in the HUD.


What was your altitude when you were getting the overspeed warning? As @Kiz said the violation differs by altitude.

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When the overspeed warning goes off for an extended period of time, it will normally be stuck like that for the rest of the flight.

I was cruising at around 21000 ft.

I understand, but at the time I was cruising at around 21000 ft.

At FL210, you can go till 349 knots before the overspeed bell should ring and a violation will come if you cross 359 knots. It’s probably a glitch/bug in the violation coding. I’d contact one of the mods to get it resolved.

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Grade 2 to grade 1, i don’ t know whatever. maybe has somebody ask me why?

Not really. There’s no way to pull the type of diagnostic log you would need to prove a glitch on the back end after 3 days.

Without screenshots from your side, there’s nothing other than your description to indicate anything was out of the ordinary.

Other than that, the only thing I can offer, based on this and similar threads, is that all of them have one constant:

“I was away from the device when…”

If you’re not at your device, you’re in no position to make a positive claim of a “bug”.

It’s a bit unfair to overwhelm an already-overstretched Support staff to chase down phantom bugs for which there is no evidence.

As soon as one of these threads appears with "I was watching my flight and here are the screenshots proving that something is amiss, it’s best to either stay at your device until you’re at your final cruising altitude, or take screenshots of the supposed bug when it occurs so there is something to work with.

All of these phantom “bug” violations occur while someone is AFK. That’s not a coincidence.


Almost like the atc communication issue its also a phamtom. Look, Im not trying to have anything reverse or changed. I reached out with an issue I thought was a bit unfair. As far as Im concern the reason why they have a support team is for people to reach out when they have an issue with an app we all paid to use.


There are two parts to this.

First, you receive an over speeding violation. This is a legitimate violation that can occur even when on autopilot due to turbulence and altitude.

The second part is the audio and/or warning. The glitch is that the warning continues to appear after you slowed down. It is my understanding that you do not continue to rack up more violations, it is simply the warning that you are seeing. Many times it will continue even when stopped on the ground and will continue until you exit your flight.

I suggest you wait a few days and your grade will be back.

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I understand and I appreciate the fact you’re taking the time to respond. I should expect my grade to go back to 3 in the coming days or do I need to work my way up again?

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This has happened to me before, I can confirm this is a glitch. I was going at 300 knots at FL310 in a B737 and the speed warning started ringing, I slowed down to 280 knots and it kept on ringing, I quit the flight and found out that I got 6 violation

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It will reset your violations back to 0 in a week of the violations happpening and you’ll be back to G3

Unless you can say that for a 10 hour flight you sit and watch the plane for the entire time, your comment is a bit unfair. Nothing he said has indicated any bad intention.

And considering a lot of other people have been having issues with overspeed violations and the alarm not going off, he had every right to post it here.

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Read again.

No, I don’t watch an entire trans-Atlantic flight.

What I don’t do is leave the device during climb then claim to know with certainty that something that happened while I was away was a glitch and unfair.

There is an enormous distinction between those two statements. You chose to attack the Straw Man version instead of what I said.


Of course you don’t. Why would you. He was cruising at 21000 ft.


I dont know exactly what it is the poiny you’re trying to make across by advocating against something we all know exist. There has been several support claims regarding this issue yet you’re sitting here trying to make it seem like we’re making it up.


Hey Gabriel don’t get despondent. Just spend a few days in Casual and you will be right as rain. You cannot get a penalty while flying in Casual. Pick up some quick experience and touch and goes and before you know it you will be Level 4!

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