Grade 3 tips

Hi again IF Fans. I’m now in grade 3 and i have unlocked the brand new expert server.
i just want to know some things:

  1. What is the differens between training server and expert server.
  2. Any tips how i get better in expert server?
    Thank you for you’re attention :D

1.) Expert server has much more strict rules and IFATC that can ghost you if you don’t follow their instructions.
2.) I suggest you first learn your basic aviation terminology by taking a look at the #tutorials category to get yourself familiarized with the Expert server.

See you around!

Listen to ATC
Pay attention to ATIS
Follow all sequences, dont cut in line
Don’t impact others
Keep an eye out for other planes both in the air and on the ground
Have fun!


Thank you <3

Another thing relating to IFATC. Some, not all, may ghost you for stupid reasons. Just comply with their instructions and you’ll stay on their good side.

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These topics are probably worth a read too

The violations are exactly the same as the ones on TS, except you can get ghosted by ATC as mentioned above

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