Grade 3 speedrun

Hello, I am gonna get pro tomorrow and I’ll try speedrun grade 3. Last time i tried I got to grade 2 with 50 landings then stopped grinding at 2 days in, this time im hoping to get grade 3 in 3 days. Anyone know what the record for Grade 1 - Grade 3 speedrun on new account world record is?


Last time I speedrunned I went from grade 3 to grade 5 in 2 days (But I only needed landings in last 90 days)

Good luck trying to get to garde 3 and before joining the Expert Server, read carefully the User Guide to not get a level 2/3 violation

i Never recommend speedrunning to grade 3.
just get experience and better in controlling an airplane on infinite flight and learn proper aviation rules and always follow atc instructions. always get involved with learning new things.

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do a grade 5 speed run by farming landings

TGS remember the advice I told you about this.

yeah i remember, im not gonna rush in expert, im just gonna try get grade 3 asap then try and learn all things about atc and apply for IFATC

this isnt my first time getting pro and expert, just on this account, so dont worry i know how to fly

nah im good lol

Infinite Flight Expert Server Speedrun Any% Glitchless


? i dont understand


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I mean this sounds like fun if you have built up the actual experience to fly on expert. Good luck I wouldn’t recommend this approach for anyone new to the game entirely

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I’d save the speedrunning for Minecraft. Instead, you should gradually work your way up, learn all of the things, do regular patterns, until you are actually ready for the expert server.

i said this a million times and ill say it once again, i have unlocked expert before and ive learnt everything, this is just another acc

yeah i agree, thx tho

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