Grade 3, so excited

Well, todays the day. A flight almost two months in the making. My first ever flight in the Expert Sever, I’m really excited. But I am also extremely terrified, I’ll use the A350 since its the once plane of crashed the least. Wish me luck! Also any tips?


Watch the ATC tutorials on YouTube.

This topic gives you a general rundown of what being on the expert server entails, thanks @Adam_Macaulay

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Congrats on making it to Expert!

Follow the rules and you’ll have a great time.

Thanks it helps a bunch.

I’m sorry but what does this have to do with anything.
On another note remover to always follow atc instructions and if you want to have a realistic fpl cruise speed and all you can check out it will help tons.

It’s the aircraft, I’m most comfortable with. I figured it might ease the stress ofmy first flight if I’m flying something similar. I’ve only collided once, thanks to a pilot who decided to cross a runway on his own. Thanks, for your concern though.

Taxi at correct speed, fly professionally and enjoy
Just listen to ATC and you should be fine.

That sites actually awesome, it tells me exactly at what waypoint to descend which is very helpful. But the airport has approach so I should be good. Thanks though. I am fighting 56 knt winds though.

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Welcome to the expert server! (:

Good job for getting there now you can go on any server you like.👍👍👍👍👍👍

Great to hear, just follow the instructions by ATC and it’ll be a realistic and fun experience. Glad to see you in the expert server skies.

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