Grade 3 Reset?

Hi, so just a question say you don’t renew your pro subscription after let’s say 6 months and your grade is 3 will it reset me to grade 1?
I Phone 12


No, your rank will remain the same! I don’t think you will pass this time without renewing your subscription, infinite flight is very good! 🤍

If you don’t have the requirements to keep grade three (landings within 90 days, etc.) it will reset


I literally said this to u yesterday

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For u to keep your account at Grade 3, u need to make a minimum of 15 landings and at least at least 10 hours of flying time in the last 90 days.

(my bad i think ur grade will drop because 6 months is more away time than the 90 day requirement.)

if your grade drops to grade 2, just go to EGLL on casual and select any fighter jet. Just do touch and go circuits until u hit 14 landings, and when u sleep at night just fly from EGLL to KMIA , and u should be grade 3 by the time u land.

its pretty easy to get to grade 3 in general.

It looks like there’s a lot of contrasting information here.

If you are away for over 90 days, your grade will drop since you won’t be meeting the 90 days requirements to stay in grade 3.

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