Grade 3 Requirements

Hi all! I may not be the only person, but I think 90 landings for grade 3 is way to obscene. I was thinking 50-60 landings in 90 days. For grade 4, I agree with 90-100 landings, but going from 5 to 90 is huge leap. Please consider this, moderators.

Let me just give my opinion. Personally I feel like 90 landings is enough to get grade 3. It pushes those who are grade 2 that want grade 3, to work hard. If it was lower you would have a lot more new people who wouldn’t know what they were doing on expert server. I find that quite a bit of people who are grade 3 still aren’t ready for expert server. if you really want grade 3 and want to fly on the expert server, you need to work hard to prove your ready for the expert server.


Just do some circuits…


We already have some issues with the Grade 3 requirements needing to be raised, and now you want to lower them? I don’t think this is going to happen.

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The requirements are set there for a reason. The hop from grade 2 to grade 3 is by far the biggest out of all of the them. You are getting to the expert server. By achieving 90 landings which could take a while, shows that you’ve been dedicated and over time prob know how to work the basics of IF which prepares you for the ES.


If you think it’s going to get easier for people you been on expert of long time see trolls, bad pilot mostly just freshmen off TS. Plus I think there adding a better requirement system 😉 so higher landing hours to get to a grade!


90 landings in 90 days isn’t hard at all. You need 1 landing a day, and that’s it. If anything, the grade 3 requirements need to be raised.

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Are you sure you’re not confused? Grade 3 only requires 5 landings in 90 days, perfectly doable even if you only play once every 1-2 months.

If you meant to say grade 4, please clarify that. It helps us better understand what you’re proposing.

Happy flying!

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Have a look at this comment from Misha. There are changes coming to the Grade 3 requirements as well. More information will be shared in due time, as always there’s no official timeframe of when you can expect it.

Thank you 😊