Grade 3 (problems?)

I have been on Grade 3 for a while and I noticed that my landings are not being recorded. I do not know if it’s a bug or maybe I’m missing something that I do not know about. Help?

-Thank you :)

It can take a while for the system to make a record of it and show it to you 😊

From my experience with the landing system, you have to be in the pattern for 30 seconds before touching down. That will record the landing.


Which parameter are you looking at? Total Landings, Landings (90 days) or the Landings/Violations ratio?

Total and 90 days Landings

It’s totally normal to see the 90 days landing decrease, as it only counts the landings you’ve done for the past 90 days and removes the ones you did over 90 days ago from that parameter.

But if you’re not seeing the Total Landings increasing, there might be something wrong.

I’m assuming you are doing these flights on any of the servers and not Solo?

Yes I do not see Total Landings increase, I usually go on Casual and sometime Expert Servers.

Okay, there’s an option for # of landings in the status bar. Bring that up, go to an airport and to a few patterns. Keep an eye on it and see if it’s updating :)

Okay, I will try that. I’ll check back later if it updates.

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